Bağ-Kur’lu Yazılım Geliştirici. Daha iyi şeyler yapmak için mücadele etmeye devam ediyor. Hibrit teknolojiler ile hibrit projeler geliştiriyor. Şimdilerde IoT alanına meraklı, bolca Cloud geliştirmiş, ekmeğini önce Windows‘tan, sonra Web‘den şimdilerde Android‘den yemekte.



Software Developer in Istanbul who enjoys creating cutting-edge hybrid apps including web apps focusing on the .NET stack, mobile apps focusing on the Delphi FireMonkey and Server-Client apps on the Microsoft Technologies. Previously living in Konya and Los Angeles, now back in Istanbul.

Great fan of Fenerbahce Istanbul, rapid traveller, movie-mania, xbox one junkie, takes some cool photos, always thinks about things didn’t exists in past.

Has awesome passionate about creating new things, writing software for use by other humans, discovering new technologies, solutions and innovations. Trying to do the things that i can imagine.

Gained experience in IT sector for a long time before creating 3D graphics, coding back-end apps and getting into database application development. In IT sector, worked accross all positions from system analyzing, designing user interfaces, creating software architectures and managing mid-sized hybrid projects.

Now I am continuing my quest to explore new areas and pursuing new limits in informatics and getting to know my limitation.

Specialties: Software Development, Object Oriented Modeling, Software Architecture, Solution Engineering.