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I would like to thanks for everyone helping me to stay strong in recent. Now its time to represents my process for short-future and next.

Believing to change can always feels comfortable for anyone who needs to be. I think its time for changing again. In last 5 years, I created some flexible, reliable and quick-trick contents for you. Now I’m picking them up for a programmer’s guidebook with some different viewpoints. Also I’m going to share those contest as online.

Next one is about tutorials. After losing my data in backup store disk, I was disappointed for creating new content. Now I’m working on a huge tutorial series for Embarcadero’s Delphi (origin: Object Pascal, Pascal, Delphi, Borland Delphi) and Microsoft’s visual programming languages (mainly C# and ASP.NET, ASP.NET Core). All tutorials will have visual and text contents and they will be available in here, step by step.

With the experience of 5 years in sector, I realized some problems created by developers can be fixed by developers. They want to create something fast, reliable and problem-less but the results are not saying same. Well, all these things are also included to main content.

Have a nice day!

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