Struggle to survive

Everybody lived many struggles for their ideas, lives, happiness, peace… also tried to be more successful in their professional lives. So many times I should have taken back some points in my life. Some big decisions that are changed my whole life… Short time ago I figured out that it doesn’t matter what was happened before. Its all about us. We shouldn’t try to change our pasts, decisions or anything else.

These decisions are true things that makes us who we are. We should be thankful for everything and to everyone who helps us with their answers, with motions, with emotions and so on. All people have their own treasure and we’d be thankful for sharing it to another human.

There were many “almost” moments for saying “I’m out” but every time I asked my own that is this really what I want? the answer is my friend, was always negative. When I reached my limit for “almost” moments, I learnt how to handle all of these situations. Basically this limit was just depended on me. When I feel I’m ready, it came after me.

There is only one true way and there is no world you have no pain, no problem, no bad things. This is the main point for understanding because many of us are just thinking about to have a happy life with family and friends. There are many pains which you can handle. There is only no spoon.

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2 Responses

  1. My man! I always like your worldview, but this article is different that you’ve ever written. I’ve been thinking for a few minutes what I can write here. I finally decided I just can write a sentence that as a master said “Nobody can be the master without feel pain.”

    • Abdullah says:

      There are some of hard moments in life for everyone. Sometimes it makes harder to handle some problems. This is just about fight inside my heart and brain, my dear friend.

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